Travel tips to Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is the most beautiful place in East Java, and has been very popular in Indonesia to overseas. But for those who have never even been to that place must pay attention to some tips for travel to Mount Bromo so that your trip is comfortable and enjoyable.

Travel tips to Mount Bromo

Travel tips to Mount Bromo

Plan Your Vacation in advance by choosing the right time.

It’s good if you choose the dry season, because at that time it allows you to be able to watch a more beautiful sunrise.During the rainy season, often thick clouds will cover the sunrise, and because of this, you will not be able to see the reddish sunrise.

Prepare your physical before departure.

Although Mount Bromo is not an adventure tourist spot, which is very extreme like climbing a mountain that is so high, but it’s good if you do physical preparation.

To deal with the weather, and very cold temperatures, and also to climb the crater of Mount Bromo, which amounts to about 250 steps, to be able to see the Bromo crater.

With a fit condition, your body will definitely not be easy to drop, when facing weather changes.

What’s more if you use a motorcycle, good body condition is a must.

Book tourist accommodations well before you leave.

If you want to stay at a hotel in Bromo, booking a hotel / inn well in advance is the right action.

What’s more, if you want to vacation to Mount Bromo on weekends.

In addition to places to stay / inns / hotels, you also have to order a Bromo Jeep (an off road car used to explore Mount Bromo).

Ordering the Bromo Jeep when you arrive at Bromo tourist sites will be a hassle for you, besides that the price of the Bromo Jeep will also go up and become much more expensive.

Prepare personal equipment before a vacation to Bromo.
Some of the equipment that you must carry and prepare include the following:

Thick jackets, scarves, socks, shoes and gloves to reduce the cold you will feel at the top of Mount Bromo.
Bring clothes and pants to change. Even if you only plan to travel only a day, it’s a good idea to bring clothes to change. Dirty clothes because of sand dust on Mount Bromo will make you feel less comfortable when you go home.
Bring a mask to cover the mouth and nose that will surely be useful when you climb the Bromo crater. Its sandy and dusty location will definitely bother you if you don’t use a mask.
Hats that are similar to Queen Ellisabeth’s will also help enough to cover your face from the hot sun. The use of Sun block can also slightly reduce the burning skin.
Carrying a camera, tripod, and carrying a spare battery, a large capacity memory card will also be needed. Beautiful scenery and enchanting will make you not to feel bored taking a left and right, front and back because wherever your eyes look you will see an extraordinary sight. Do not let your camera battery run out in the middle of your trip or your memory is full so you will miss other beautiful views from your camera shots.
Bringing snacks, drinks and other snacks is also quite helpful. Waiting for the sun to rise while sitting and joking together with your colleagues while enjoying a snack and warm drinks can make you feel a little less cold at the time of Penanjakan.

Hmmm, moreover, what other travel tips for Mount Bromo? this first and for further information about Mount Bromo, will follow, and if you want a vacation to Bromo, can order Surabaya Bromo Tour which I recommend through the site, and can ask questions about the customer service, if there are still not clear.